13th Colony Distilleries Buys & Sells Locally

True to their word ingredients are bought locally from farmers in Americus and Sumter County, an honest win/win situation


The Thirteenth Colony Distilleries, located on Dudley Street, is quite an impressive operation. Just ask any Chamber member who attended the most recent Business After Hours at their new plant. Co-owner Winfred Hines carefully explained the federal regulations to visitors of his plant: no alcohol may be consumed or sold on the property. However, he did say that several businesses in town kept their product in stock. Those selling the “Plantation Vodka” brand are Mike’s Party Center, Big A’s, Jumping Johnnies, and Americus Package Store. Those selling by the drink include the Windsor Hotel, the Trellis and the Doghouse, among others.

On the tour, Mr. Hines pointed out the ‘various methods the product must be filtered through in order to produce a fine, quality product. From distilling to bottling, the entire process is cycled through in the Americus plant. Everything from purifying the water to labeling and shipping is handled by the four full time employees at the Dudley Street location. Hines said they have called on some part time help in the past and are looking to expand in the future.

Sold throughout the South, Plantation Vodka has been a true success in a one of a kind venture. True to their word, their ingredients are bought locally from farmers in Americus and Sumter County, creating an. honest win/win situation. A new brand, “Southern Vodka”, a higher end vodka than the Plantation brand, will be introduced to the public soon and will be followed eventually by whiskey and bourbon, Hines said. According to their website, www.plantationvodka.com, “A few years ago, four friends from South Georgia came together with the goal of crafting exceptional distilled spirits for their friends. Each of the four friends brought his unique experience and talent to the effort. By good fortune, South Georgia provides the four friends a great environment for distilled spirits: superior grain and corn crops, the water from the deepest and purest aquifer and the perfect climate for aging spirits.”
“Plantation Vodka is the result of that goal. Handcrafted in small batches using the finest products and the best craftsman techniques, Plantation Vodka is a premium vodka you will be proud to serve your friends.”The website also features other items of interest including drink recipes that one can try at their next party or engagement.

December 27, 2012 By Thirteenth Colony

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